Free Standard Plastic lenses


All our optical frames come with  FREE  standard plastic lenses fitted - Upgrades are available as extras.

You can't say fairer than that now can you?


We offer bespoke non prescription reading glasses in lens powers between 0 Zero and +4.00 plus four in 0.25 one quarter dioptre increments, This is the entire range permissable under UK law.

All these strengths available 0.00,+0.25,+0.50,+0.75,+1.00,+1.25,+1.50,+1.75,+2.00,+2.25,+2.50,+2.75,+3.00,+3.25,+3.50,+3.75 and +4.00, as pairs only.

Our glasses are available in a choice of designs including rimless and retro, we offer what we beleive to be the best value and quality spectacles available online.

You can buy high quality eyewear, glasses, spectacles or reading glasses from The Spectacle Works

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