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Terms and Conditions General Terms

The terms and conditions stipulated on this website do not in any way affect your statutory rights as a consumer.



Telephone: 0121 550 3345

Goods And Services

All goods are as described on this website, no changes will be made other than changes in frame manufacture outside our control.
The goods where a current prescription is supplied will match the prescription supplied by you, and will have an average PD of 63mm unless otherwise stated.
Our standard lenses are plastic resin supplied from stock.  Please inspect your glasses on arrival if they are damaged please contact The Spectacle Works on our consumer line 0121 550 3345 or email us at steve@thespectacleworks.co.uk Please make subject line start with GLASSES.
The sale of goods from this website is not restricted to the United Kingdom.

Please allow 28 days for delivery.

Rimless and Semi Rimless frames are governed by CE regulations regarding edge thickness for stability. All thickness will be optimized to meet these regulations, refractive index will remain as ordered.

We will not accept any order where the cylinder value added to the sphere value in either eye exceeds 10.00 plus or 10.00 minus


Returns must  be accompanied by the original order number and date with a short note stating the reason for the return, and a copy of the prescription.
The product must be returned in it's entirety, in the case in which they were initially shipped if appropriate, and they must be received within twenty eight days of the initial shipment date.

No Quibble   

If the glasses are being returned because they do not appeal to the customer, for any reason, a full refund ( Minus any lens upgrade costs and postage ) will be made if the glasses arrive back with us within a twenty eight day period.
For this reason we strongly suggest that you first try the frame with stock 1.50 index single vision lenses.
Glasses returned after the expiration of the twenty eight day returns warranty period will not be refunded in any amount, and no further consideration will be due.

Most of the frame and accessory products sold are held in stock or can be supplied within two days, however, if a product purchased online is no longer available a full refund will be made.

Fax or Email Your Current Prescription

All of our frames that show " Fax or Email your RX " in the lens power list, can be made to a current prescription that has been provided by a Qualified Optician.

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